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August 21, 2011
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Fine Feathery Sistas by corrvo Fine Feathery Sistas by corrvo
Four sisters of a feather always looking fine and always looking out for each other when it counts.

These lovely birdy sistas are a tribute and a gift to a group of artists brought together by a mutual love of our fine feathered friends. And though only four birdy beauties are shown, they represent a group of friends that extends far beyond their wings, wings that are always ready to make room for many more!


Zenma belongs to :icontwintailsinc:

Verra belongs to :iconthelonecrow:

Iceberg belongs to :iconmargof:

Mati belongs to me ^v^
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Sikorsky84 Dec 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Fine, feathery, fantastic, flamboyant, fabulous, fair, faultless, favourable, fancy, fresh, friendly, ferociously foxy, fiery, flawless flock of females here. Iffffffffffffff I may say so...
I got to say that these birds look amazing all of them quite fresh in your style that just keeps improving over time, this set of characters from different artists really gives an opportunity to see them shining in your style, which they're doing pretty much right now, I'm really looking forward to see similar jobs such as this one.

Now to take a look to the separate ones...
corrvo Sep 16, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It was quite a fun project to render these bird in like this while trying to keep what makes them unique to the artists. Thanks, man!

And yes! On to the individual birds! ^v^
I'm sure it must have been man. You're welcome!

Ah... yes... it seems that adressing things individually has really slowed you down and I'm not speaking for me, I mean everybody on the list, of course I know your reasons but anyway I just can't stop laughing at the fact that when you say you're going to do something it almost always backfires when we're talking about time, lol.

Guess I was bored enough to post this comment, ha!
corrvo Sep 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yea yea yea :XD: lol I'm slow, I know...

That's the thing about's all relative ;P Just taking time to personalize the ones I can ^v^

I mean, hey, I gotta show I care SOME-how... otherwise...I'm just a slow-witted and unsatisfying person to talk to X3

Hey man, always happy to see comments...even ones written out of boredom, haha!
Itold ya hahaha!

But what I find funny the most is that for this kind of comments you have time, you seem to complicate in your answers a little too much, it's EXACTLY the same problem I have with some people when I tell myself I'm gonna do a very dedicated comment, then I take as much eons as you do, so I guess the problem is there besides the stuff you may have to do which only adds to the problem.

Yea your way of caring seems a little unusual, but be GLAD carebears don't exist (sarcasm). But man you're NOT an unsatisfying person to talk to, you're an unsatisfying person to comment to, because if we were really talking this wouldn't take too much, I guess unless you really are THAT slow talking in real life, which I'm almsot certain you aren't.

Hahaha, yea, you should do some of those once in a while it's good for the mind belive it or not, cause man it gets really funny, and when somebody does have a good imagination when you're bored is when the best comments appear I have proved that to me now with you... well you'll have to prove it yourself.

All of this in 3 minutes of thinking, that's how good comments work, I guess.
corrvo Sep 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sigh haha, perhaps - or perhaps you caught me as I was spedning actual time commenting in general.

Yea, my way of showing I care might be...thing is I tend to not thank for faves or watches anymore, so comments are all I have to show appreciation for viewing my art...but yea...carebears... *shudders* if THEY were real...but seriously, I suppose "unsatisfying commenter" is okay with me. At least that way I'm not a total bore haha. XD
Perhaps... but man the instance itself seems a little unbelievable, so does it hurt if I don't belive you? LoL!

Guess you didn't pick up the sarcasm, but I'll give you credit it was a little difficul, well another time then...

Well after all this relatively long time I have some questions for you (and I know you know I have them), though it seems out place asking them, since it wasn't supposed that they would ever had to be asked...
Do you want to hear them or do you prefer to guess them? (since the most probable is that you really know what I'm talking about).
corrvo Sep 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Unbelievable huh? lol, probablity does allow coincidences from time to time...Not gonna push my luck though, haha! Though I will admit it DID launch down a conversation longer than we've had in a long time.

I got the sarcasm (well, not only because you literally spell it out for my benefit...I laughed at it) but it may have been a different meaning than you intended. I suppose my attempt at it didn't hit either. It's forgivable in both our cases...we've been down this road before, lol. Textable sarcasm...we need to invent a better way to convey it!

Well, questions are always welcomed too! I'd rather not guess at this hour...could have some interestingly incorrect results lol. Note me if they're not necessarily relavent this pic (as you mentioned they might be out of place). Notes might be easier to keep track there. At least notes don't get buried in my comment in-box so fast. XD
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AshkePhoenix Sep 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist

(I hope that's the right word...)
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